Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Too Dang Tired

Hello folks! Well, I am too dang tired to function. I have had some really busy days running errands (with all three children in tow), dealing with family issues, a doctor's appointment, and swimming lessons for both boys three days in a row. I can barely think straight (and that was already lacking prior to all of this).
So, I am going to cut this short and promise to resume after I catch up a little in the sleep department.
The swimming lessons have been interesting to say the least, so there will be updates on that for sure. A little hint: tears and snot everywhere...again--but lots of fun too!
OK, until later...
Sweet dreams and very little tears and snot for you all!


Kelly L said...

During the summer - I feel like most days I am running on empty...


Lady Mama said...

Yes, go and get some rest! I could do with taking a leaf out of your book too.

Cyndi said...

Hmmm...can't wait to read about snot! :)