Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Plethora of Poop

Tonight while I was bathing my baby daughter Lyla, Nicholas, my oldest son (age 4) informed me that he was going to go poop. He was in the bathroom downstairs. Fine, I thought. Jacob, my other son (age 2), wanted to go into the bathroom with him. Fine. Maybe Jacob would take a few notes and see how it's done. Jacob will be potty training soon.

Many moments passed with no sound from downstairs from my boys. I shout down at them, asking Nicholas if he is almost done. "Yeeeeaaaas!", he shouts. All of the sudden I hear frantic screaming. It is Nicholas. Oh my gosh! What is wrong? What has happened downstairs while I am upstairs with Lyla? I knew I shouldn't have trusted them being alone.

Extreme sobbing follows. By then, I am trying to grab Lyla out of the tub, find somewhere safe to sit her quickly and rush downstairs to find out what is happening. Finally, Nick screams, "Mommy, I have poop on my pants and on my leg!" Oh my gosh...." Nicholas, just wipe the poop off of your leg and grab your pants and bring them upstairs." After some protest and frantic terrified screaming, here comes Nicholas, poop still globbed on his leg. Yuck. He is obviously so freaked out that he did not wipe the poop off himself. I walk with him in the bathroom, help him wipe off the stray poop and throw his pants in the wash. Crisis diverted. I thought. Then, covering his mouth, very quietly Nicholas whispers that "just a little poop dropped off on the carpet". What? Eww. OK, well, I better get down there and get this cleaned up. I go down the stairs, scanning the area for wild poops. Then, on the fifth step from the floor is the poop. Not a little. A plethora of gooshy brown poop. A large heap not piled...but smooshed into the carpet. Lovely. Gag. I grab the bottle of carpet cleaner, clean the poop and run back upstairs to resume getting the children in the bath.

Now, this is just one of the gross things that parents deal with, I know. But, it is also one of the things that [while gagging] I do happily because I am my children's mother. I care for them, I mold them and I protect them. I lead them to be productive citizens, to be caring, loving, independent, successful individuals. I try to instill in them my morals and values. Mostly, I love them.

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