Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Ah....the happiness that falls upon me as I think about spring cleaning:
the sweeping, the mopping, the window washing, the dusting, the scrubbing, the polishing, the vacuuming and the laundry.

Just the thought of all of this work brings an instant smile to my face. Some of these joyful activities are not anything that is not done frequently in my home on an average day; however, spring cleaning involves much more concentration and a dedication to actually doing a really good job. I also have the help of my assistant, AKA my husband, so that I may not leave anyone out of all of the fun.

The grout around the tile in the kitchen is scrubbed a little harder and longer. The clothes in my children's drawers is properly sorted preparing for the warmer weather. Each bathroom is cleaned to the nth degree- no more little boy pee pee drops on the floor, for hour, until Nick has to go.

I so much enjoy myself as I scrub the pizza sauce splatters and old smooshed carrots off of the kitchen table and chairs. The smile cannot be wiped from my face while I try to chisel the dried and crusty dog slobber off of the back sliding glass door. I am really overjoyed when I run across a small particle of dog food that has been blocking our fabulous view of our AstroTurf-covered picnic area and our grassless, dirt and rock-covered backyard. (It is the poor people's version of "desert landscaping"). But, by far, the best part of spring cleaning in my home, is when the house is sparkling, smelling like lemons and my children come running back inside to totally destroy our efforts in a matter of ten minutes.

Truthfully, I am so glad that God has created spring cleaning; otherwise, I would live in a very dirty world of inevitable boredom living on only Coke and Bonbons until my premature demise of heart disease.

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