Monday, March 16, 2009

Jacob's Terrible Twos

Jacob is the sweetest, most gentle little boy that God has created. He has hazel eyes and a beautiful smile that will capture your heart in a flat second. He loves music, on the radio or sung by Mommy, and loves playing his guitar. Jacob loves cars, tractors, superheroes, and trucks. He knows how to count to fourteen (then skips to eighteen through twenty) and knows his alphabet. He speaks in full paragraphs, sometimes mumbling for hours when he is tired before finally closing his lips long enough to fall asleep.

My husband and I bought him a little colorful guitar for Christmas. It has six programmed songs that it plays. Included is Jacob's favorite song, "Hey Now You're A Rockstar", by Smashmouth. This song is also in one of the Shrek movies.

Well, I became fully aware of Jacob's entrance into his terrible twos when while playing his guitar and singing his song he became angry and flung his guitar across the room hitting the oven door. Then, when I looked at him in astonishment, my mouth hanging open, he poked out his bottom lip and started whaling loudly. Then he promptly ran into the hallway (still sobbing)where I have our "Bad Boy Chair" and plopped his buns down in the seat.

Now, if this were Nicholas, I could understand. But Jacob does not act like this, ever.
I am thinking that I will only see much more of this new Jacob in the following months. He just turned two a couple of weeks ago. And sadly, I feel I will be saying goodbye to my sweet Jacob and saying hello to a big crab in his place.

Little two-year-old boys are so difficult and hard to predict. One minute they can be smiling and happy, the next flinging themselves on the ground in protest. As a mother of a four-yr-old, I know this time ahead will be not only tough on my husband and I, but it will be a tough time for Jacob. He will be learning and experimenting. He will be trying to get a grasp of his emotions and learning from us and the world around him what actions are appropriate and which are not.

Unfortunately, it is a stage that everyone must go through....

Dear God, please help Jacob and his parents make it through the terrible twos and please help my little angel boy return to me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance, Amen.

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