Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snot Rags

I was going about my morning, just like every other morning at home with the children. Get up at the crack of dawn, change wet pee pee pants, turn on Playhouse Disney and sing along with Little Einsteins. We go downstairs; I make breakfast- little bagels with pineapple cream cheese, lite Dannon yogurt, and a plethora or fresh berries cut to order by me.

I decide to get Easter decorations down out of the attic. A pleasant thought...though of course, it turned into a wild frenzy of little boys tossing around bunnies and glass egg figurines which was fun to say the least. After regretting that brilliant idea, I head upstairs to start some laundry.

I go into the boys' bedroom, decide to make the beds- just trying to straighten a little. The floor is always covered with an endless assortment of little men (at least two of each)..Spiderman, Hulk, Power Rangers, Pirates, army men, garbage truck drivers, recycling truck drivers, etc. So, after imploring Nick and Jacob to get busy picking up the floor, I continue to make Nick's bed. I see a used tissue on the floor, reach to pick it up...and out of the corner of my eye, I see.....what appears to be a HUGE mountain of used tissues squished between the wall and Nick's headboard. Nice. Yucky, snotty, dried-up, sickness and germ-infested snot rags literally stacked a foot high.

I admittedly got a little upset with Nick for doing this. He is quite smart and really knows better. But, I believe that these tissues are from nose-wiping sessions in the middle of the night, so I try to hold back my annoyance. I explain what we should do with tissues from the middle of the night...stack them up on the bedside table (for rapid germ-spread there). Hey, at least I will get them in the morning and not a week later.

While trying to use a plastic hockey stick to get all of the snot rags from in between Nick's bed and the wall, I had a flash back to when I was a child:

When I was in elementary (primary) school, my mom made me lunch everyday. Each day that she made me some kind of lunch meat and cheese sandwich, I promptly ran into my bedroom, took out the sandwich, threw it in the bottom of my closet, closed my lunchbox and headed off to school. For some reason I had an aversion to lunch meat. So, everyday this continued for months and months and months(I think). I figure my room must of really stunk, but I didn't notice. One day, my mom found my stash of moldy, rotten sandwiches in a heaping pile. I remember she was so mad at me and said that she would never make my lunch again. And she didn't. Now, I look back and think how mad I would be if my children would have done that. All the money I must have wasted!

So, now, I look at Nick and think that his collection of snot rags is really not so bad; after all, it could have been stinky sandwiches.

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Anonymous said...

My sweet child. Boy do I remember that one. Moms still love their children no matter what they do. Moms are always on your side. At least this Mom is.

I love you honey!