Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nick's Girlfriend

Nick is starting to refer to people as pretty, or ugly, or fat, or beautiful, etc. One day while in a local craft store, he saw a very tall woman. By tall, I mean someone taller than 5'2". Anyway, this lady was obviously a lot taller than me, so Nicholas blurts loudly, "Mommy, look at that BIG lady".

"Nicholas, that lady isn't BIG, honey, she is tall".

The woman overheard Nick, glanced over with a smile and headed out the door, luckily she had no weight problem to speak of. I looked back over at Nick who was processing the word "tall" into his vocabulary.

"Hmmm", he said, "she just looked big to me".

A few days later, we were in the grocery store rummaging through the fruit section when Nick looked up and spotted two ladies walking together with a little boy.

"Look guys, a little boy", I said to Jacob and Nick.

Nick replied with a grin from ear to ear, "Those ladies are beautiful". I smiled and thought to myself how my husband also finds Asian women very attractive. Must be in the blood.

"Yes, they are pretty, aren't they, Son?".

Finally, while planning for Jacob's birthday party, I mentioned to Nick that Grandma's neighbor's two daughters were going to come to the party. The boys were elated. Nick began jumping around all excited and said, "That one girl that lives there....uh....what is her name?"

"Well, the two girls that always come and visit us at Grandma's house are named Quincey and Nyki."

"Oh, well, that one girl is my girlfriend". After a few questions, I realized that Nick was referring to Quincey, who has dark brown long hair and bright blue eyes.

"Quincey?" I asked.

"Yes Mommy, because she is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world".

"Does she know that she is your girlfriend?", I asked.

"Well no Mommy". (Duh! Sorry!) "Are you going to tell her?"

"No, only our family knows".

"Well, if she is going to be your girlfriend, you need to remember her name", I said giggling.

I sat and thought about our conversation, "Hmph, is Mommy pretty?", I asked Nick.

"'Course you are Mommy", Nick said, smiling at me.

OK, I am good with that.

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Anonymous said...

Mommy's are always beautiful. The are always special to their children.