Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crossing the Line

Well, I have crossed the line. The line that my husband had in his imagination drawn for me not to cross about what information I release to the general public via my blog. He is pissed and just stormed off. Oops.
For some unknown reason, he does not want the whole world to know our business. Go figure. :)
Gotta go for now. The rain on my parade is coming back upstairs.


Kelly L said...

I think as women we need to put it out there at times... Women are like spaghetti - we are all out there in everything out of everything entwined with everything that is our gift... Men are like waffles - small little boxes and only a little bit at a time and do not no matter what you do go outside that box... I hope all is resolved soon.

Anonymous said... you blame him? I think it's one thing to blog about your drama...but really. Perhaps common sense should have kicked in before you started to discuss your trust issues with him, his past and his OCPD. Perhaps you should have known about this before you married him....or did you?

Anonymous said...

I suspect he is only upset about the "dangling by a string" post. For that, yea maybe he is upset and embarrassed. I would apologize to him. I'm sure you didn't mean to do that.

Unknown said...

WOW! Anonymous must really read your blogs! I understand the 'putting your world out there' for everyone to read so you are fair game, but I don't think that I would make nasty comments about someone via the internet that I have never met or in this case, is a good friend of mine. So grow a thick skin Crystall and blog away!-Gretchen

Cyndi said...

I asked hubby long ago what was off limits and thankfully, the answer was virtually nothing! I feel really lucky because he's not exactly a public kind of a guy. But then again, neither was I until I started blogging. Hope he's happier with you soon!