Monday, June 15, 2009

Technology Is Awesome...and Also Stinks

This computer is having some issues; therefore, my regular post will have to be skipped for this evening, except for some complaining about this ordeal. I am working on our laptop because my husband is hogging the desktop. This is quite typical; but, since we do not use the laptop as often, it has to download and install two hours worth of updates and then scan for viruses. Sure, I could type while this thing is doing all of that, but it takes forever to load pictures and web pages and gets "stuck" occasionally. I just have no patience for that I suppose.

I remember the days when average people did not have computers in their homes...or cell phones for that matter. I know, some probably didn't have telephones or TVs either, but my home did. We didn't have MTV or fancy toys to play with as children. We played outside....with dirt. Ha Ha! It sounds funny now, but that is exactly what we did. Now, we have become dependent on technology and electronics. Our children have some weird need to be entertained, instead of entertaining themselves. Playstation has become a way of life- along with sitting...and sitting....and more sitting instead of running, playing, doing cartwheels and jumping. Hm...seems a blessing and a shame all rolled into one.
Now-a-days, we use computers everyday-even multiple times a day. And, cell phones and voicemail-how do you live without them? I think it is so strange that my step-father doesn't have email. What the heck? Join the 21st century would ya?! Technology is great, but when all of these fancy electronic thinga-ma-jigs don't work, it sure stinks.

What would we do without a microwave....or washers and driers....or a hot water heater, air conditioner, or a car? Wow. Life would be very different. More simple. Maybe,.....just maybe, it would be better.

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