Friday, June 19, 2009

Darn Haters!

It has been an interesting day. I have been very preoccupied with thoughts of a comment on my last post, Crossing the Line by "Anonymous".

This is the comment: you blame him? I think it's one thing to blog about your drama...but really. Perhaps common sense should have kicked in before you started to discuss your trust issues with him, his past and his OCPD. Perhaps you should have known about this before you married him....or did you?

After thinking about what this "mystery person" had to say, I was upset and even contemplated discontinuing my blog. I am quite sensitive, I suppose. After all, the comment wasn't THAT bad, or was it? Who are you, Anonymous, the marriage police?

The truth of the matter is, by blogging you open yourself up to other opinions on your personal life. When you disclose your thoughts, feelings, etc. openly, you are inviting people to give you their two cents-nice or not, warranted or not, out-of-line or not, psycho-killer-like or not. So, in the blogging world, I simply need to get thicker skin. One person's opinion of my life does not make my worth. I need to make that my mantra.

I have been trying to decide whether I will respond, whether it is really worth it. Or, really, whether I need to. And, I have come to this conclusion:

My blog is for me. Not anyone else. I am happy to have readers and people who are interested, but really, this is all about me. I need not worry about defending myself to any Joe Schmoe that happens upon my blog and has an opinion. Though, this person is not a "happened-upon-it" reader. There is no doubt that this person knows a bit more about me than I have divulged in this blog. Therefore, Anonymous, if you want your opinion to really matter maybe it should be delivered in person instead of hiding behind an Anonymous name.

Darn haters!


Kathy Rainwater said...

Hey Crystall - I, too, have "over-shared" on my blog (I made my 21 yo foster daughter call me in tears saying I made her feel stupid - ick!)

It wasn't intentional, but it hurt her. I guess that's a possibility whenever we write, but I think that we still need to be honest. It's a fine line though. "Anon" was out of line, in my opinion. If someone has an opinion, especially a negative one, he or she should have the courage to sign the comment.

Just my thoughts - hang in there, honey!

Mom said...

Opinions from others do not define who you are!

You go girl!

Grace said...

There are just some people in life who "live on spreading hate". You vent all you want. We all need a place to let our frustration out. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Lady Mama said...

Don't let one silly commenter put you off writing your blog! I just read the post and the comment, and as another commentator said - that "anonymous" person must have read your blog a lot to know so much.

It really irks me when people leave comments as "anonymous". I'd be tempted to delete it.

One thing I've learned is that most of the people that read our blogs are nice people that genuinely want to read what we've written. But occasionally you do get get someone who's not there to play nice.

Cyndi said...

The first time I got a disagreeable comment I felt the same way. It took quite a while for me to get to the truth that you have already found...who gives a crap what one anonymous person who doesn't even know you says?! I stressed about it for days. Now, I sometimes fire back, sometimes just ignore them. Half the time they're just spammers trying to get links posted all around the internet.