Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Late and I Am Not-So-Smart (Anymore)

Hi. It's almost 11PM here and I am exhausted. The First 48 is on TV in the background, the children are all sleeping soundly and I have just finished reading a few fellow blogger sites. It's important to maintain friends. And, it's nice to read what others have to say. Some of the bloggers I read are really outstanding. I am always at a loss for my own words after reading other blogs. Some of them just have such talent and meaning....I guess I wonder if mine is even worth writing. It's mainly just ramblings of my own personal thoughts. Heck, these days those thoughts are often senseless. Children and/or pregnancy suck out your brains. I remember I used to be very intelligent-prior to children. Now, when I read some blogs, they seem as though they are all speaking above my own understanding. They are speaking English-or typing it, really. But, I no longer can comprehend words not frequently spoken in Star Wars, super hero videos, or Sesame Street. And, speak slower will ya? I guess, luckily, I can relearn as the children get older--it will just take a while. I am still working on learning the alphabet.

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