Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I am here...and alive

No, I am not on vacation yet. I have been in a blog funk. Or, a tired funk. I don't know....some kind of funk.

I have not been depressed (thankfully), just too tired to worry about blogging. I thought of it, then decided that I would either fall asleep while typing or the blog would put others to sleep while reading. So, I opted out. That is not the norm for me...but for once, I had to not worry about it.

We will be leaving for vacation in a few days and Rick, I and the children are getting very excited. Every day the children wake up and ask if today is the day. I regret to inform them daily that it is not the day, but it is coming soon. What a drag it is to have vacation fever!

Hang on...Nicholas is asking me about getting a fishing rod. OK, I'm back. A fishing rod?! In the desert? Apparently he still does not know where we live. I have explained this concept to him countless times when he asks me for a Spiderman umbrella every time we go to Walmart, but I can see now that he still does not understand. Or, maybe he does but he is like most little boys and just wants all of the paraphernalia anyway. Now that I examine this topic, that is probably the case.

Today was a pretty good day with the children. We ran some errands, getting ready for the big trip. Then, after naps, we went swimming. Both Jacob and Nick were having a blast. Lyla was happy watching her big brothers.

Jacob was......being a typical two year old.

Me: Jacob, please don't pour water out of the pool. You're making too much mud. It's making a big mess.

Jacob: I want to.

Me: Jacob....don't pour water out of the pool.

Jacob: (nothing)

Me: JACOB! Don't do it!

Jacob: I want to. (He gets mad. Then, goes over and hits Nick.)

Me: Jacob, don't hit Brother!

Jacob: I want to.


Me: Jacob, get off of Lyla. And, give her back her meme (her blanket) please.

Jacob: No! I love she's meme (as he runs off with the meme in his hand).

Lyla then happily grabs his meme and shoves the silky part into her mouth. Jacob notices and comes over screaming.

Jacob: NOOOOOO! THAT'S MY MEME!!!! (grabbing the meme) AAAAAGGHH! (He promptly throws himself on the floor. He rolls around on the floor, screaming in protest.)

Thank God we have gone through this before with Nicholas. It is much funnier the second time around.


Lady Mama said...

It's a good thing you can see the funny side to those conversations! I have one like that on a daily basis with my son. He too doesn't understand the concept that everything does not belong to him, and that he cannot have whatever he wants right this minute. Fun times. Enjoy your vacation!

Kathy Rainwater said...

Ha!! I have a nine year old (Kameron) who is a tad delayed; this is EXACTLY how he acts! Everything is his, and screaming fits ensue whenever someone tries to correct him. I bet it's cuter on a toddler, though... =-)