Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moms Are So Catty!

Why as mothers do we judge other mothers so harshly?

You would think that us mothers would be the only people on the face of the planet to really understand each other's plight. After all, we share the same lives, in some way or another. Case in point: I watched part of the Oprah episode the other day that featured a popular mom blogger. I decided after watching the show that I wanted to check out her blog. She had posted a blog about vaccines for children and stated that she just did not understand why some people choose not to vaccinate their children. Well, let me tell ya, moms all over the world went crazy over her blog. Everyone had their own opinion, some were even putting each other down. It is really such a shame. I think the whole thing that makes me somewhat sad is that all of the mothers have the same goal: keeping their children happy and healthy. They agreed on that. But, from reading the comments, I was very disturbed. Some people were really mean to the author of the blog for stating her opinion openly, knowing that she was opening up a huge can of worms. Why? Why in a day and age of everyone trying to understand everyone else's human rights do people think that this woman has no right to have her own opinion and state it on her own blog? Ridiculous. If the author's point was to get people talking, it worked. If more people talking leads to better and safer immunizations for everyone, the author did something wonderful. Besides, it is her blog and her feelings- others do not always have to agree.

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Kelly L said...

It is a sad fact that when some people don't agree with an opinion they can get mean.. I think it's important to agree to disagree in these kind of cases...