Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

My husband, children and I absolutely love the book, "Where the Wild Things Are". When I think of the title, I really think of my home; because, here is where the wild things are. Two Tasmanian devils hit the floor running each and every day in my home at 6am. If I am otherwise occupied and not controlling what is going on in our home (i.e. talking on the phone) the children run like wild banshees, toys flinging here and there. Our home can go from tidy, well....straightened, to a disaster area in a matter of ten minutes. Although I really do try to keep this kind of mess to a minimum, I will never win this battle. I have three children-two of which think that when I am on the phone or in the bathroom, their God given purpose on Earth is to run rampant throughout the house tearing up everything in their path.

Well, I better get used to it-the boys aren't going anywhere and they'll be young for quite a while longer. When the day comes that they are all grown up and my house is tidy and my life has gone back to a much slower pace, I will look at the floor and miss these times.

By the way, Where The Wild Things Are will be released as a movie October 16, 2009. We can't wait. It may very well be the first movie we will all attend as a complete family.

For further info, the movie link is You have got to check this out!

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