Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wonder Woman

Upon our return from a very short but productive shopping trip, I glanced across our living room and carpeting the room were toys, toys and more toys. Army men, superheroes, various cars and trucks of all sizes, makes , models and colors were tossed around haphazardly until they met their resting place there in the middle of the floor. There they wait until they happen to again catch the eye of a child walking by. Then, they may be played with for a brief moment, only to yet again be tossed out for a replacement.

Our children have numerous toys. They have so many that they forget what they have. Then, upon remembering, I am summoned to go on The Great Toy Hunt to find it. Why is it that for days, weeks, even months prior to this day, the toy was barely remembered and now, life will simply cease to exist without it?

This happened one day with Jacob's Wonder Woman. I am not quite sure why he likes Wonder Woman so much, but he does. He was on a roll carrying his Wonder Woman everywhere. Day in and day out, in the tub, in the car, always in his hand was the beautiful Wonder Woman. Then one day, she simply vanished.

"Where is my Wonder Woman?", Jacob asked upon rising from his nap.

"Hmm, I don't know Honey. Let's look for her", I replied, thinking she was probably under the bed or stashed under the covers.

No, no Wonder Woman there. Jacob and I continued on our hunt for the Wonder Woman, looking upstairs, downstairs, outside, everywhere....and Wonder Woman.

Then, I remembered seeing Jacob carrying her around at Grandma's house the night before. I called Grandma, "Have you seen Wonder Woman?"

"Yes, she's here." Sure enough, Jacob had mistakenly left her behind at Grandma's house. How that happened I do not know. Jacob must have been so tired when we left Grandma's house that he did not notice that Wonder Woman was not with us.

So, we all promptly hopped into the car to go get Wonder Woman, a half hour away at Grandma's. It was nap time, but I didn't mind; because, who am I to say that wanting Wonder Woman in your presence at all times is a bad thing?

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