Monday, April 13, 2009

Sticking to Exercise

I feel the lactic acid buildup in my muscles. The aching, the throbbing, the feeling that makes you want to get up and do another workout. My bum, thighs and chest ache with every movement I make. Oh the joys of getting back into shape.

I have been diligently working out for close to two weeks. I am making much progress and have really enjoyed myself. I did not expect that. I have found that having a little time to myself and actually using it to do something that benefits only myself feels wonderful. After one week, I was down 3 pounds and had lost 1.5" off my waist, .5" off my thighs, and 1" off my hips. I refuse to measure again until I hit the two week mark in a few days. I have to say, this has thus far been a nice addition to my day.

I have been making time to exercise during the children's nap time. I have had to skip a few days when Lyla has boycotted sleeping, but for the most part I have been successful trying to keep to the exercise routine. I went out and purchased a new exercise DVD that I also really enjoy. It combines cardio, weight training and ab work into one workout. The video is hosted by Gillian (whatever her last name is) from The Biggest Loser. I figure she gets some major results on that show, it should be a good workout for me. Although I do not need lose nearly as much weight at those on the show, I think the workout is exactly what I need. Losing weight is not really my main goal anyway, although it is definitely a perk. I really want to feel strong and healthy. With that, I will most likely lose weight, look and feel better.

From time to time I will probably mention my workouts and my diet though I know they make for boring blogs. I think that if I am really dedicated to making this diet and exercise change a constant part of my life, it will surely come up as conversation here occasionally. If fitness makes you gag, maybe you should also try changing your mindset. It is good to be healthy, and as moms don't we want to be around to be grandmothers one day? What a weird thought I just had: me as a mother-in-law. Hm.

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