Monday, April 6, 2009

Mrs. Crabby Pants

When either of my sons is in a bad mood, I walk around calling him "Mr. Crabby Pants" all day long. Well, right now, I am "Mrs. Crabby Pants". I am not quite sure what my problem is. I am irritable. I also seem to be much more sensitive than the norm and little things are really bothering me. I am not really in a creative blogging mood; I am in a grouchy mood. I have a frown on my face that can be seen from a mile away. What's my deal?

Earlier today I caught myself getting upset about some child taking Jacob's truck at the park. I saw the little boy approach Jacob, snatch his truck out of his hands and walk off with it. Jacob then runs over to me sobbing. Honestly, I wanted to go over and grab Jacob's truck away from that greedy little thief. Why am I so upset? I wondered. It is totally out-of-character for me to get so irritated with someone else's child. (Even if it was from afar and only involved me grumbling under my breath) Little did I know that was a bit of foreshadowing. Luckily, my more sane and happy self came to the rescue and fought off the evil demon-induced thoughts. I reminded myself that Jacob and Nicholas need to learn to deal with these situations on their own, and promptly sent Jacob over to the boy to ask for his truck back. It worked. Nick, Jacob and the other boy ended up playing happily with the trucks for over an hour.

My husband came home tonight after work and immediately noticed something was off with me. He asked me several times what the matter was, but at that time, I really didn't think anything was wrong. Then, as the evening rolled on, I have felt myself getting more and more irritated. Maybe I am just harboring some underlying aggression from a previous disagreement, maybe I am I am not really sure.

My first instinct is to suspect hormones, as they are the root of all evil. They are what makes normal women insane. Whenever I turn into a complete lunatic with no good reason, hormones are to blame. Before having children, I was not as in-tune with my inner chemical makeup. However, after experiencing pregnancy and breastfeeding three times in the last four years, I am much more aware of my chemical imbalances. I believe that hormones hide out in woman's bodies, watching, waiting for the most inopportune time to rear their ugly heads. Then in just a few moments they aid in making just about everyone you know think that you have lost your mind. If hormones are the cause, I hope mine will stabilize soon. I eagerly await my normal self.

My hormones are calling again. I must continue to try my best to muffle their cries and keep my grasp on reality. Maybe I just need some sleep.

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