Monday, July 13, 2009

Celebrity Mom

I just sat down on my bed, my head propped up on two pillows leaning against my headboard. The hubs is busy yelling at my right. He is taking some online classes and is tackling a class that is difficult for him. So, yelling at the computer is his pastime (at least for the next sixteen weeks). I did as I always do when I finally get to my "me" time for the last couple hours of each night. I opened the laptop, got comfortable, and started my late evening rendezvous with the latest celebrity gossip:

Tony Romo breaks up with Jessica Simpson. (Aww man. It seemed that Jessica was quite happy. Who knows about Tony? Well, I guess now we do. Not so happy.)

Latoya Jackson says Michael was murdered... (Hm...OK?? Let's hear some of the evidence for this one. Not that it is not it me or does the Jackson family seem very.... strange? Is this some attempt on their part to cover up Michael's drug habit? Perhaps their way of bettering his name in the public eye?)

Farrah Fawcett's friend will publish a diary that she kept as the actress battled cancer, then died... (I will NOT be reading this-entirely too sad.)

McNair's girlfriend was upset over love and money... (Oh really, no kidding. Let's evaluate this: She was 20, he was like, 36, I think? This girl was in love. He was married; yet, apparently told her that he was in the late stages of a divorce from his wife. He "bought" her a Cadillac Escalade that she made payments on, her roommate moved out because the girl thought she was moving in with McNair. Then, she got very sad, felt like she was poor (because she was paying double rent and paying for the Escalade and another car), and even suspected McNair of cheating on her. What a shame that she did not see the truth before it ended so tragically.)

Jon Gosselin steps out with new girlfriend, Haylie Glassman (Daughter of the physician that performed Kate Gosselin's tummy tuck.) Also, she has a checkered past, having been arrested for smoking pot outside her dorm room in 2005. Maybe she has grown up a little by now? I would hope so, Jon. She is quite pretty though.

So, why am I so interested in all of this mumbo-jumbo? Why do I care? Do I really? Hmmm...
As I sit here and think about it, I have no idea why I am interested. It is obvious that the lives of these celebs do not impact mine. Rarely, celebrities lives affect world news, so there is no trickle down effect to my life in any way, shape or form. So, what is it about celebrities that captures my interest so?

In throwing this question around, I have decided that celebrity gossip is entertaining. It's brainless for me. I like to read about how complicated and twisted money and fame can make people--maybe because I have neither. I surely don't relish in their heart aches; but, I do find their lives so fantasy-like. Sometimes I laugh out loud over how crazy some of it is. Celebrities often put themselves on such a pedestal that "real life" things are difficult for them to handle.

Celebrity 1: "What? I am staying at a Holiday Inn?"

They sometimes forget that they are living in a bubble. People around them fawn over them, pamper them, and tend to their every need. If they mess up, someone is always there to pick up the pieces. Money seems to open so many doors. According to Tori Spelling, it closes a few also. Her "door-closing life episodes" would still rank in fantasy land for me.

Celebrity life is not real life. It is a dream. It must be nice to live in such a world. I am very jealous. I guess in a way, I shouldn't be. I have quite a bit to be happy about (even minus the fame and money). And, most importantly, God doesn't care who you are or if you are famous and adored by millions. Sheeew! That's a good thing.

I guess on some level, I like to think of myself as one of them- a celebrity. I am famous in my own life. My husband and children cheer loudly as I come in the door after an outing. Granted, that is the only people who cheer when I enter a room. But, that's OK. At least someone is cheering.

Hey, can I call myself a celebrity mom now that I have come to this realization?

"Crystall-- Celebrity Mom"

That has a ring to it. I like it.


Just Kate Trying to Find Her Way said...

i am happy for Jon, personally. Hell if this woman will actually respect him and treat him well good for him! He deserves someone who finally will! and you are right she is pretty...

Lady Mama said...

Agreed! Celebrity lives do often seem messed up - or maybe that's because we only ever hear about the messed up ones? Money and fame do not bring happiness. Take MJ. Looking at the clips of him, the only things that seemed to bring him real happiness were his kids. All the rest is just stuff (or so I keep trying to tell myself...).