Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Pretty Girl

Is it totally uncouth to say that I think I have the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen in my entire life? I know....I am a bit biased. And, really, I mean no disrespect; so, I don't want any crazy comments about how she looks like a troll or how looks don't mean anything-she's probably dumb as dirt, etc etc. Just HUSH all you haters and just be happy for someone else for a change. How about... give me the credit I deserve as being the biggest fan of my three children and my husband--as it should be. Shouldn't ALL mothers feel this way about their children?Sheesh! And, by saying my child is beautiful, I am NOT saying yours is not- or that YOU were not a beautiful baby. <----Please notice...about half way this paragraph the paranoia sets in.

Oh my gosh! This post has turned into a slow dwindling away of my own sanity...right there laid out in words. Now, I am paranoid too! Little blog-reader voices are shouting in my head.

Where's the frickin' crazy pills?

Oh's my beautiful girl.


Unknown said...

She is adorable! And yes all moms should feel this way about their children. I know I do!

Lady Mama said...

I feel the same about my sons - that they are the most beautiful children in the world! And yes I agree your daughter is beautiful too!