Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rules For Sleeping In Mommy's Bed

My husband is on a short trip and I now have two hooligans begging to sleep in my bed (with me) tonight. I said no. They continued to beg. They have never requested this before. So, reluctantly, I have agreed, with conditions-of course.

1. go to sleep
2. no kicking
3. stay on your side of the bed
4. no talking, giggling, or horseplay
5. no fighting

I tried this one other time, with just Nick and it was a complete nightmare and I got no sleep. He was all over the bed, tossing, turning, sweating on me, laying on me, kicking me. He and I were at my mother's. I will now reiterate that at that time I was attempting this feat with one little boy. Now there are two.

Since I know that these rules are completely impossible for my two rambunctious, lunatic boys to follow, I am sure they know the answer is still, "No".

They are whimpering; they are throwing themselves on the floor. I am a sap. Don't I know how to have fun? Having a "campout" without Daddy would be a blast!

Geesh! I am a sucker. I am caving. We'll see how it goes. I will give updates in the morning- if I survive.

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