Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Tough Being Two!

As if I had nothing better to do with my time.....I decided a few days ago that it was time to start the duty- or, the dooty: Potty training Jacob. Can I just say what a wonderful experience it has been thus far? (Actually, he is quite sweet and getting the hang of it.) Here is an example of what I deal with...many many times.....day in....day out. The fun never ends.

Here is another photo, just in case one was not enough to actually get some darn sympathy here! Or empathy. What ever it is! Poor Jacob!

Poor Me!

Jacob: NOOO! I scared! I not yike the potty! (pitiful)

Drama follows. Jacob tosses his body on the floor in a two-year-old limp noodle kind of way. Snot is flying; tears are flowing. It's an all out bucket of laughs. Then, he stops crying and goes potty. Well, sometimes. But when he is successful, it's a party. Even before the tears are dried and the snot is wiped we are all passing out "high fives", hugs, and kisses. Then we run at super hero speed to the marble jar where Jacob gets one blue marble for sitting on the potty and two more for actually going potty (on the potty). He knows that when his marble jar is full and he has been a "good boy" behaving and going potty, he gets something special of HIS choice. (Within reason- of course)

Please everyone, keep your fingers crossed for Jacob. Lyla is not giving him much time to get the hang of this potty-thing. Now that she is almost walking, she is trying to crawl all over Jacob (and his potty).

Oh, and another brilliant idea on my part: In an attempt to increase my family's fiber intake, everyone is gobbling up at least one prune with breakfast everyday.

Lyla loves prunes. (Check)

Nick...well...they're OK. (Check--kinda)

Jacob....YUM! Pass him the whole container. I have to actually limit his prune consumption because I fear his stomach will get upset.

I will spare you any gruesome details; but, let's just say that eating between five and seven prunes a day when you are potty training must be Hell! (on everyone)

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Unknown said...

Oh I share your pain with the potty training and yes being two is so so tough! Audree is PTing right now and my goodness you would think I was killing her making her go potty!