Monday, May 18, 2009

The Boys Are A Team

The boys have been on a roll being wild men. Nick is just getting to the age where he knows how to act like a gentleman. However, he is easily influenced by Jacob.

Jacob, on the other hand, is two. He objects to just about everything.

"Jacob, let's go upstairs to get dressed."


"Yes, Jacob, we need to go bye bye".



"NO!" (I pick him up, trying to quickly get him dressed.)

"Do NOT kick Mommy! I am trying to get your pants on. We need to leave."

"No!" He thinks for a while, then says, "Where we goin'?"
(I know he was hoping for a "McDonald's" or "the park" response.)

"To get Daddy's medicine."

"No! I go outside."

"No Honey, we need Daddy's medicine. We'll go out later. Now let's get on shoes."


Jacob kicks and screams as I pick him up and load him into the car seat and put on his shoes once he is buckled in. He is very objectionable these days. It is very very difficult at times.

Fortunately for my husband and I, Nick has recently become very supportive of his brother. He is now totally on Jacob's side and they have become an inseparable team....against us.

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Lady Mama said...

Your conversation with Jacob sounds just like the conversation I have with my 2 year-old 5 times a day.

Hearing this story makes me think, I can't wait until Matthew and Oliver begin to interact with each other - but I'm terrified of the united front they might form!