Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Fun-Packed Weekend

Yes, I know.....the blog is not pimped. What a difficult task that has turned into. I purchased the files and attempted to complete the "pimping" and there was some kind of error with the files. So, now, I must wait to hear back from the company. Oh well. Now, my screen is just white....BORING! I will get over it; at least I have three columns now! Hopefully, this transition will not take me forever to complete and will be worth the wait. I wish I had the luxury of sitting in front of the computer all day to fix this issue, but I don't.

OH, and other things we did this weekend....
I went to the MIX 94.1 Kids Mix festival on Saturday with the children in 105 degree weather in the middle of the (frickin') desert at 12 noon. Nice idea that was! No shade... $3 bottled water
Ugh! I will expand on this outing soon. I took a bunch of pictures.

And far the most fun of the two days.....

My husband and I went and bought some cacti, palms and desert-friendly flowering shrubs for the front yard. We were sick of how our front yard looks so bare. We have been putting this off (even though both my husband and I really enjoy doing landscaping) because we are renting and do not like putting our money into someone else's home. But, we could not wait any more. So, after working out in the front yard [again in 105 degree heat] for three hours, we both came in sweating and eager to cool down. Within moments, my husband starting feeling badly, having increasingly intense pain in his lower back. A few minutes later, he was doubled over in pain, barely able to walk, nauseated and sweating profusely.

Off to the ER we rushed. I ran one stop sign and two red lights on the way. I figure I safely ran them though (if there is a such thing)-because no cars were coming in the opposite direction. I do not do this...but I was not going to wait at a red light waiting on no one to pass while my husband was in so much pain. I needed to be able to blink and get us there "I Dream of Jeanie" style. Nicholas, since he is an excellent driver, made sure to point out my driving skills were really lacking by screaming from his carseat each time I disobeyed a rule of the road. Thank God he was there to point out my errors, or I surely would have never noticed.

After nearly two hours of average fun at the ER on a Sunday evening with three children running around making friends with all of the swine flu patients, I decided to get my step mother-in-law meet me at home to watch the children, get them fed and put them to sleep while I went back to help Rick. It worked; but I'll tell ya, it was no thanks to the customer service in that place!
Bottom line, I am writing this post at midnight on Sunday evening because I just got home. Rick is now snoring very loudly on the bed after taking quite a bit of narcotics to cope with the pain of passing a kidney stone.

I have a lot of drama. Always have. When will it end? I read in a magazine once a long time ago that drama queens bring on the drama themselves. Obviously, I was quite bothered by that news since I have chosen to ignore two very important facts about that statement:

1. I read that over ten years ago

2. The source was an entertainment magazine (I think Cosmo)- therefore the reliability of the source can be questioned

Does having a lot of drama make me a drama queen?


Grace said...

He had a kidney stone? My Dad had those and they definitely do hurt like a mutha. Did they do a scan to determine if he's got more up there that need to pass?

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Oh man! Sounds like an interesting weekend alright. We had a nice weekend-kinda. If you count cleaning the heck out of the house Sat. And then Sun spending the day outside-playing have a nice grilled dinner-etc. Of course there was some drama-Like the kids knocking down/breaking a vase and while cleaning that up hearing my son crying cause he fell and hurt himself-etc. Ugh! Anyways-Hope your husband will be ok-Ouch! Kidney Stone! And maybe 1 of these days we can all figure out how to be drama-free -Maybe ;)

Crystall said...

Yes, he has a kidney stone. He is currently in bed on pain meds(still snoring loudly) waiting on the stone to pass. They did a CAT scan and did not mention any other stones. One is enough, I would guess.
Thanks for your comments and interest Grace. :)

Lady Mama said...

That sounds painful... the experience (getting 3 kids and your husband to the ER) and the stone!

Regarding the drama queen thing - I'd say when you have three kids there's no escaping it...!

Crystall said...

I bet you're right Lady! I didn't think of that.