Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Vacation

I am very excited to report that I have been planning a family vacation. Things have been so very stressful here that we really need to get away for a few days and experience a change of scenery. Our vacations are no longer for rest and relaxation. We have too many wild children nipping at our heels for that. But, it can give us a camera full of great memories. Both my husband and I really do enjoy experiencing things through our children's eyes. They are innocent and everything is new, bright and exciting. Through them, it becomes new and exciting for us again also.

Our destination is not a very far one and we have gotten a great deal on tickets and hotel fair thanks to military discounts. Otherwise, Rick and I probably could not pull off the bill afterward. I figure the drive will not be too bad now that we have the minivan. The children really enjoy the van; and, if they start having issues with the long trip, there are always movies to watch. Our minivan has two flip down screens (one of the back seat, one for the middle seat) for the children's viewing pleasure. The boys get very excited when I agree to let them watch a movie in the car. When we first got the van we had to limit the movie time because every second we were in the car there were yells coming at us from all directions about what movie they wanted to watch. Even for a trip to the gas station one block away, they were requesting a movie. So, I had to put a rule in place for that.

For this trip, movies will be allowed. We are going to Disneyland.


Grace said...

We totally put a rule on our car movie watching as well. Nothing for local drives -- only to be used for extended car trips (greater than 1 hour).

Lady Mama said...

Oh that will be so much fun! I can't wait to take our boys when they're a bit older. Great that the kids will be occupied with a film on the road too.