Monday, May 11, 2009

Everything But the Bathroom Cup

"OH where, oh where has my bathroom cup gone? Oh where, oh where can it beeeeeee?
With it's hard water stains and lyme buildup- Oh where, Oh where can it beeee?"

My children absolutely adore when I make up songs about our life.

"Do it again, Mommy!", squeals Jacob happily.

My bathroom cup has been missing in action for several days. I recall a few days ago, right before the cup mysteriously disappeared, I gave it to Nicholas for a sip of water. Now, three days later, I am still looking for the cup. I have asked Nick about it several times. My questions about the cup have become so frequent that Nick is no longer responding. He is, in fact, ignoring me.

It is interesting how young the male gender picks up this trait. Is this trait only passed from certain fathers to certain sons or is it indicative of every male? I have recently been thinking that I need to try a different approach for Nick anyway. He has been ignoring me quite frequently. Maybe I just hen peck him to death. Nick, don't do that. Nick, do this. Not like that. Over there. Over here. Stop it. Do it. Pick it up. Get in. Sit down. Zip it. Answer me!

So, tomorrow I will turn over a new leaf, again. I do this a lot. I always reevaluate my approach to my children. If one way is not working, I try another. Or, if something is working, I try to expand the idea to other issues. Anyway, I will try to give Nick a break- and not act like a pain in his bum. I still want to correct him when appropriate, but I think that I am going to cut back and try to give him a break. I probably need to just chill out (for lack of a better phrase). Maybe then, when I speak to him, he will be more apt to listen.

By the way, the bathroom cup....FOUND. While making Nick's bed this morning, Nick jumped up off of the floor shouting, "Who put Mommy's cup under my bed?"

"Ah Hah! I wonder...", I responded.

He smiled, giggled and ran it into my bathroom.

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