Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Shopping Trip

The other day was a wonderful day. My step-mother-in-law came over to do some projects with the children for Mother's Day and I was told to "beat it" for a while. It was strange as I drove out of the driveway. It was....quiet. I drove down my street, thinking of how bizarre it felt not having anyone with me. I believe it was the first time that I have been alone since moving to Las Vegas. Wait, I did drive to one hair appointment several months back. OK, it was the second time I was alone in the last two years.

Every other time I leave the house, I am packing up this and packing up that, getting drinks, and toys, and diaper bags, and snacks, and making sure I have all of the things I just might need. I always have a just in case pile for all of those things that could happen. What if we're out later than expected and need to eat out? I bring food and formula for Lyla even if the trip is short. What if Jacob spills his lemonade in his car seat? He does this often with those "spill proof cups". I really put so much thought into what each child may need that it is no wonder that I have little memory left for anything else. My brain is too busy thinking about all the what ifs for each child.

Anyway, so when I left the house that day, what a relief I felt not worrying that I had not brought something that I may need. By the time I reached the end of my street and began turning the corner, I could feel myself getting emotional. What the heck is my problem? I should have been partying like a rock star! So, I had to snap myself out of it and try to enjoy my short trip out. I figured that there was no telling when this would happen again, so I shouldn't be acting all wacky about being alone and enjoy it. I went to Old Navy, bought a few shirts and a skirt for myself, along with a few things for the children. It was completely amazing how much I felt I had accomplished! http://oldnavy.gap.com/

Children really make a very short shopping trip into a long, drawn-out ordeal. Just the task of getting three children in and out of car seats takes quite a bit of time. That, combined with the time taken to cruise direct and reroute traffic in the parking lot around the children, takes a good hour-at the least. When I returned to my home two hours later, my wallet was $150 lighter; but, I got some great bargains AND actually tried on clothes in the dressing room! I don't think I have been in a dressing room in the last 5 years. Seriously. Most dressing rooms are not sizable enough to accommodate three children, a stroller and me.

My favorite purchases of the day.

After my short trip away from home, I was just elated. The two hours was just enough time for my mind to rest; and, for once, not have it so worried about everyone else. I need to do that more often!

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Lady Mama said...

How blissful that must have been! I understand feeling weird about leaving the kids behind though, even though the time alone is such a luxury.