Sunday, May 10, 2009

Violence On Television

Well hello everyone! I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. My day was nice- no major catastrophic events.

I went to dinner at my step-mother-in-law's house with my husband and the children. That was wild, as usual. My children just love going over their house. They run around screaming and carrying on, getting away with reckless wild behavior for much longer than they do at home.

After dinner, my husband got this brilliant idea of turning on UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). OK, I am not sure who flew in, took my husband's brain, and deposited it outside in the garbage can- but someone did.

What was he thinking? Nick and Jacob are running around, half watching whatever is on TV in between squeals. Did Rick actually think that is appropriate programming for a 2 and 4 year old? After some conversation, more angry and evil on my part (I must have been getting tired and crabby), Rick agreed (that I was tired and crabby AND that his choice of TV programming was inappropriate). It was time for us to go home anyway.

The whole conversation about violence had me thinking about how I am so disinterested in movies with intense violence. Am I just getting...dare I say it....old? When I was younger, I would watch an occasional horror movie or a shoot 'em up flick without blinking an eye. Now, I cannot stand horror movies. They are too realistic, too gory, too absolutely terrifying. When I watch these movies, I just freak myself out too much. I go to bed thinking of the creepy way they did...whatever. Then for days, I have nightmares. Have movies gotten more violent or am I just more aware now that I have children? Maybe it is the fact that technology has advanced and film makers are able to better portray realistic events. I don't know. Maybe I have become a wimp.

Either way, it will be many many years before my children are watching those movies (if I have anything to say about it). When that day comes, I pray that I have taught my children enough to recognize what is real and what is make-believe and, obviously, how the movie should (or should not) impact their behavior. Maybe I can put off that day for say...15 years. Is that so unreasonable?


Lady Mama said...

I feel the same Crystall - since having kids I hate violence in movies or on TV. I can't even watch CSI.

Kelly L said...

We were watching a movie as a family not too long ago..I can't remember which one.. anyway someone got killed (one of the main characters) no one said a thing... then a dog gets shot and my kids get upset.... TV has definitely harden our hearts in many ways...
I agree with your thoughts

San Diego Writer Girl said...


I am so with you on this. The last violent movie I saw was Pulp Fiction. Since then, I will walk out of any movie in the theater that verges on violence. I think my mental state can't handle it. I was a kid that loved all those flicks -- from "The Exorcist" to "Halloween." I get freaked out just thinking of those movies now. My kids will NOT be watching that garbage for as long as I can help it.

Crystall said...

Thank you Ladies for your comments. I am glad that I am not alone on this one!