Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Going to the Doctor

Well, now after my last post, I decided that I needed to schedule a short, unaccompanied drive straight to the doctor's office.

Tomorrow at 8:45am, I will be sitting in my physician's office, spilling all of my drama. Who knows? Maybe I am normal and I have just gotten over-tired. I guess I could have some kind of hormonal issue. I have always said that any time I act really wacky it is surely due to hormones.

Anyway, I will return tomorrow with updates on my sanity. That is, if I find out anything. Ooh! Maybe I will conveniently "get lost" on the way home and take myself out to lunch. Hmmm, sounds quiet, maybe a little lonely- I'll get over it.


Just Kate Trying to Find Her Way said...

Maybe spilling your guts will help and I am sure a quiet lunch will also! best of luck!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Hope you feel better! Like I say I think it's all pretty normal-but nothing wrong with talking it out or getting some happy pills if needed or something =D

Lady Mama said...

Good for you! Hope the appointment went well.