Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Nightly News

Every night my husband and I tune in for the local news, Channel 13 KTNV. I like to catch up with what is going on in the world outside of our home once the children are sleeping soundly. For me, it is easy to get so wrapped up in what is happening inside my home that I sometimes feel I am in a black hole. What?! A nuclear bomb just exploded? You're kidding! Both my husband and I both really enjoy this channel's news anchors and reporters.

I have found though, that since moving to Las Vegas, watching the news has turned into a combination of a fashion show and a comedy gig. My husband and I spend our half hour watching the news discussing the weather and news broadcaster's clothing and hair- my husband pointing out whose outfit looks "old lady" and whose shows off her nice "rack". Nice, I know! I always notice if someone has gotten their hair highlighted or fixed in a different style.

Of course, parts of watching the news are quite depressing. Las Vegas is a big city and there is known gang violence here, so there is always something about someone being shot or killed. Here, people also drive like complete morons. I guess there are many of those people everywhere, but I just notice it more here. The bigger the city, the more crazy [and sane] people there are. About a year ago, it seemed that every time I turned on the news there was a broadcast about someone being run over at a bus stop. For gosh sake! Watch where you are driving and get off of your darn cell phone, people! People here drive like they are always in a hurry. Most pass me by. Rick says I am starting to drive like a grandma. I don't think so. I think I am just the only person on the road that actually goes only 10mph over the speed limit. Besides, there is nothing wrong with driving as cautiously as you can. Our children are always with me, so it's better that I am even more careful. I do realize that going very slow (like a grandma) is also dangerous, but this is not the way I drive.

I do catch myself yelling, "COME ON DUDE!" and "LET'S MOVE IT BUDDY!". Now, when we are at a red light and Nick does not notice the light, he repeats those. Luckily, I am not one that cusses very often. Really, I never really cussed very much before children came along, but now, it is more rare. I just don't want my children to think that talk like that is acceptable and worthy of repeating. Ha! I sound like such a goody two shoes.

OK, back to the news...I got off on a tangent.

Anyway, the biggest issue I have with watching our favorite channel for nightly local news are the typos. When they advertise something or label a photo there are always several typos. What the heck?! Isn't this the frickin' news we are watching here? Don't they have a spell check? I don't expect perfection, but come on! If it were one or two typos every day or two, maybe I would understand a bit more. Well, no...I still expect more out of a news broadcast. But I am not kidding or exaggerating here, I see at least three typos a night. It has really become so comical that I now look for them nightly, so that I can point them out to Rick and we can laugh together. I have never watched a news channel that had so many typos. It has left me wondering....does no one else see these? Are my husband and I the only people in Las Vegas who notice? Maybe we are the only ones who care. The channel always asks for volunteers to write on their blog site for recommendations. I am trying to think up a way to say, "Hey, use spell check! Is literacy optional in news broadcasting?", in a nice way. I know that sounds horrible. See, I can be judgemental too and I have no right to be. My blogs are not error-proof. Stop that, Crystall! Rick must be rubbing off on me.


Anonymous said...

That would drive me insane! I'm a real stickler for that kind of thing. It's irritating when you're trying to listen to a news story and instead all you can think about is their poor grammar! Grrr.

Also, I'm the same as you in the car. I'll go a little over the speed limit, but no more than 10km. And people whiz by me... but like you said with kids in the car it's better to err on the side of caution.

Lady Mama said...

Hey, there's something for you at my blog. Pop over when you have a minute. :)

Unknown said...

just to let you know my friend, there are tons of typos here too, not only grammatical and spelling but even the incorrect caption for the picture! It is one of the things that Scott and I watch nightly as well. Who knows, maybe it isn't required to know proper English anymore to be in journalism/broadcasting......