Friday, May 15, 2009

Bug Fiasco- GROSS!

I was reading a recent post on Moody Mommy's blog site about head lice. I know, I am sure all of you are just dying to read about such a subject. But, reading her post really got me thinking about my head lice experience way back when. My story is actually so gross, I considered not posting about it. But hell, I disclose most everything else here. Why not? But, if you are easily grossed out, then, don't read this. I will move on to another less-disgusting subject tomorrow.

I have added Moody Mommy's link below. Her blog is a good one, which is also evident in the number of followers she has.

A long time ago far, far away.....

Da da da daaaaa da da daaaaaH! (Sorry- flashbacks to the StarWars movie. We watch that movie WAY too much around my house).

When I was nineteen and engaged to my high school sweet heart, I was trying to get together wedding supplies. I wanted to make the head piece for the flower girl (the groom-to-be's 2 or 3yr old niece). I got busy gathering the supplies, making the twisted vine head piece, adorned with pink flowers and ribbon. It was very pretty. My flower girl thought so too, as I placed it on her head several months prior to the wedding for a fitting. She giggled and then put the head piece on my head.

A couple of days later, my head was itching horribly. Because I had experienced some allergy related issues with shampoos, I assumed that was the problem. You know what they say about assuming. It makes an ASS out of U and ME- and so it did. I went to the doctor after getting so frustrated with the itching. The physician again declared that he thought I had an allergy to shampoo and prescribed me with medicated shampoo. Months and months later, I was still dealing with it. I could not stand the itching, but what was I to do? I switched shampoos over and over and over. Months passed. I even noticed that where my hair was touching my back, the skin was beginning to turn red and itch. I constantly wore my hair up so as to not irritate my skin.

Anyway, as you have probably guessed, I figured out that I had head lice- no doubt contracted from the flower girl. By the way, her mother got rid of her head lice case months and months prior....and me, a nineteen yr old woman (kinda) was dealing with it for a long long time unknowingly. YUCK! I was so grossed out that it had gone on for so long. I wanted to burn all of my clothes and sheets from my bed. I was crying and completely mortified. I begged my mom to go to the store to get me some RID because I worked at the closest grocery store and I didn't want my friends to know. My mom was also disgusted, but reluctantly agreed. My mom helped me comb through my hair- at that time was past my shoulders in length. What a mess! I didn't even want to tell my fiance- I was so embarrassed and ashamed. But, I wanted to be honest with him, so I told him. I am not sure how he understood what I was saying because I was sobbing hysterically. He, of course, couldn't figure out why I didn't want to tell him. He was sweet and made me feel better, thankfully.

Well, when you mothers are out there combing through your child's hair trying to remove all of the bugs and nits, just be thankful that it is not your hair that you are combing through.
And, if it is your hair you are combing through,....I can surely empathize [or is it sympathize?] with you.

By the way, I was just looking for a few photos to include in this post; but, they are so creepy and disgusting that I cannot bring myself to include them. Talking about lice is one thing....looking at them (even in a photo) is another! I have to go now- I am extremely itchy after writing about this and looking at those pictures. I will now go look through my hair in the mirror, just like I always do if I get the slightest case of itchiness. Those suckers will not fool me twice!

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